Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anti-Family Man

Robert Frank

Family of Man was seen by 9 million people. Frank says something else with photography. Sets out on a road trip across America.

Moments of unease, alienation. Only in the USA, only named by place and site. Some families have mroe than others. In opposition to "togetherness" show the imbalances and rascism that underpins social life in the USA. Challenges that people encounter.

Crowd scences are not filled with joy. Looking for the particularity. Not entirely composed in an artful way. Immediate, not reworked in any way. Pictures viewed as a publication. Darker tone to Frank.

Considered a controversial book in USA. Frist printed in France.

Interrogated for being a communist spy. Time filled with suspicion and not togetherness. Realistic view of divisions on society. Not intended to be viewed as single photograph. Meant to be a series. Not perfect - doesnt have a beginning and an end. Frustrating, stunning, confusing.Represent the people who would not be included. Emgree americans write.

American version of 1959 is removed for being "un-American"

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