Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Family of Man 1950s

Becomes the director of photography at MoMa.

The Family of Man Cover - mass accumulation of photograpger. Title says a lot about the humanistic project that Steichen saw himself part of. Cold War and Nuclear Age is going on. Era of McCarthyism. Political and Social tension. Democratic premise that we are all the same.

Family of Man p. 182
"We 2 form a multitude" Different economic social backgrounds, many famous photographers. Not about authorship - mroe about Steichen and his ideological theme.

Act of voting all around the world. Pictures of mothers and children. Things like "we are all born."

Vehicle of cold-war politics under capitalism. This is the way we live. Use a photograph as a means of levelling people. We aree the same through the photograph. People reduced to a photograph are interchangable.

Ripped from youre contexts.

Installation photograph - make us feel warm. touchstones of photography. Social mission of photography. Democracy of the photograph should be questioned. Ethics of photographs - how they can promote a kind of universal. Careful of not losing the particular.

Picture of Atomic Explosion at the end of the exhibition - edited out of exhibition

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