Thursday, November 4, 2010


Organised by Steiglitz.

 Include Frank Eugene. Printed in Camera Work (until 1917) that is the nest journal he begins. Takes a needle and scratches on the negative. Scratches on Adam's body in Adam and Eve. 

Gertrude Kasebier. 
Atmospheric effect lends mystery to a traditional Mother and Child picture. Simplified subject with a main focal point. 

Going through portraiture and giving it an artistic touch that was not there before. Commercial portraits tried to stay as true to life as possible. Makes it out of focus

Clarence White
Nude - Romantic subject - art that is romantic

Edward Steichen

August Rodin - portrait of the sculpture with his sculpture. Resembles painting but done in a pictoral way in a pictorial space. Reflect 19th Century prepensity for moodiness, meditative fantasies. Fascinated by light. Light was particularly special to light becasue it is the direct translation of the writing of light. 

Moonlight: The Pond: Dark, enigmatic, brooding. Looking for transitions between light and dark. Sums up photo-seccessionists aesthetic. Evoke a mood in order to be suggestive of something beyond visual experience. Something metaphoric.

The Flatiron Building - 1905

Steiglitz creates 291 in NY to promote photography. 

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